Helping the Old Aged

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Elderly population in our country is growing. Sadly Senior citizens in many families are looked down upon as unwanted guests. The aged who were looked upon with respect and for guidance in the past are increasingly finding themselves alienated, with their children migrating to cities and metros as also abroad in search of greener pastures. In cities and metros, where there is space constraint for homes, the elderly are the one who is thrown out first. It is in the winter of one's life that a person needs greater care, love and affection. Unfortunately, the abuse of the aged is showing an upward trend over the years. Literacy has not made an impact on the youth to take better care of the aged. On the contrary, the more the educational qualifications of a youth, the greater is the likelihood of his neglecting them.

No wonder, more and more senior citizens are taking to old age homes, which is evident from the growing number of such homes in cities and even small towns. The neglected senior citizens curse their fate and bear the brunt but most of them remain tight-lipped about their sons and daughters, who have relinquished their duty towards them. We at 5Minutes for poor, will help well managed Old aged homes with materials and medicines and also organise feast on major festival days. JOIN OUR GROUP to help people of our parents age.

Join our group and know how you can without making any donation, by just spending Five minutes on your computer help hundreds of poor people & children.

Thank you


Martin Miller-Yianni said...

I agree a good cause but then so are thousands of others. I applaude your sense of duty to these people aqnd wish more would do the same.

Bravo for you efforts.

Bader Jundi said...

Your blog is a heart breaker but thank you for reminding us that we are humans from time to time

IndianPie said...

Always in support of people like you. Excellent initiative. Ask for any help...