Welcome to 5 Minutes for Poor

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are you willing to spare 5 minutes a day for the poor. If so, you can help hundreds of poor/orphan children with food, clothing & education. Most of us have good education and enjoy good food every day. But there are millions of children who are deprived of both good food and education. Join our efforts to provide these children with food, clothing and education.

We are all blessed with great parents. But there are many old aged people thrown out to the streets and old aged homes. We will help the most well managed old age homes which is in need of funds. We will also be giving food to these old age homes on festival days. We all celebrate our festivals like Christmas, Ramzan, Deepavali etc with lavish dinners and sweets. Let us help the old aged also to celebrate the festivals.

There are millions of lives lost due to not access to cheap medical facilities and medicines. Some of the life saving medicines cost a fortune for most of the poor. We will help those poor people who cannot afford to buy medicines.

There is no religion, caste or creed for poverty and hunger.

Join our group and know how you can without making any donation, by just spending Five minutes on your computer help hundreds of poor people & children.

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