Medicines for the Poor

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The poor are more susceptible to diseases. They don't have any medical insurance and diseases for any member of the family takes the financial position of the family off guard mainly due to the cost of the medicines for treatment. The poor has to depend mainly on the government hospitals for treatment which is free,but most of the medicines during and post hospitalisation has to be bought by these poor from their resources. Some has to sell their entire wealth for medication of their beloved ones and in some cases will be the sole bread earner for the family. We at 5Minutes for Poor will be distributing life saving drugs to poor, insure poor families under social insurance policies where there is government sudsidy (eg.universal health insurance), bear expenses for some major surgery etc for the poor. JOIN OUR GROUP to save a poor persons life.

Join our group and know how you can without making any donation, by just spending Five minutes on your computer help hundreds of poor people & children.

Thank you